Centre Hikes Windfall Profit Tax on Export of Diesel, ATF; Increases Tax on Crude Oil

Windfall Profit Tax on Export of Diesel Hiked: The government recently has increased the windfall profit tax on the export of diesel to Rs 13.5 per litre and that on jet fuel exports to Rs 9 per litre.

The levy on domestically-produced crude oil too has been increased by Rs 300 per tonne to Rs 13,300. At the fourth fortnightly review, the government raised the windfall profit tax on the export of diesel to Rs 13.5 per litre from Rs 7, while on ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) exports, it was hiked to Rs 9 per litre from Rs 2, according to a finance ministry notification issued on Wednesday.

The revision comes into effect from September 1, 2022.

On July 1, Centre imposed an export duty of Rs 6 per litre on petrol and ATF and a Rs 13 a litre duty on export of diesel. A windfall tax of Rs 23,250 per tonne was imposed on the sale of domestic crude.

Also for nearly two weeks, the sale of crude oil produced in India attracted an additional duty of Rs 13,000 per tonne, after it was lowered from Rs 17,750 per tonne with effect from August 19.

The windfall tax is a one-off tax imposed by a government on a company on an unforeseen or unexpectedly large profit, especially unfairly obtained. Domestic producers made windfall gains on high international crude prices, which reached as high as $122 per barrel recently.

After announcing the decision to impose the windfall tax, Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj said, “The taxation would be reviewed every 15 days depending upon international crude prices… If crude prices fall, then windfall gains will cease and windfall taxes would also be removed.”

“If a cut is decided upon, it could be implemented immediately,” the Bloomberg report said.

Jet Fuel Price Slashed in Delhi

The price of ATF (aviation turbine fuel) saw a price cut on Thursday after the Central government raised the windfall profit tax on jet fuel exports.

The price of jet fuel has been cut by 0.7 per cent ( Rs 874) to Rs 1.21 lk/kl from Rs 1.22/kl in Delhi.

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