Amber Heard branded as ‘manipulator’ by Johnny Depp’s friend

Johnny Depp emerged victorious in the defamation trial against his ex-wife Ambeer Heard in June, but the story does not seem to die down much. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s  close friend reportedly claimed that Amber Heard’s a manipulator in quotes from his book.

Comedian Doug Stanhope, who has been friends with Depp for years, including the time where he was married to the Aquaman actress,  seemingly got an inside perspective on what that relationship was like, which he writes about in his book No Encore for the Donkey. 

 One segment of the book (via The Daily Mail) focuses on being with Depp shortly after his mother passed away. It reads: ‘His wife, Amber Heard, seemed to be f***king with his head again, I assume using this opportunity of his weakness to manipulate him even more, and harder.’

According to CinemaBlend, that’s certainly a strong take on Amber Heard, and what it was like when she and Johnny Depp were still married. Doug Stanhope seemed to believe that the Aquaman actress was purposefully trying to manipulate Depp during a time of mourning. 

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