Britney Spears’ voice memo was a glimpse of what she’s planned for memoir: Insider

Britney Spears’ voice memo was a glimpse was what she’s planned for memoir: Insider 

Britney Spears only shared a glimpse of what she will write in her upcoming memoir in her recently released bombshell audio, claimed source.

The Toxic hit-maker made headlines after she dropped a now-deleted 22-minute audio clip on YouTube bashing her family for abusing her and abandoning her during the conservatorship.

The singer made a lot of revelations in her voice memo including that she was offered “lots of money” for an interview with Oprah Winfrey and that she almost fled US with secret beau.

“Seeing ‘Hold Me Closer‘ [her duet with Elton John] soar to the top of the charts really brought Britney back to before the conservatorship and made her reminisce on the way that her life was then,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“She did the audio recording because she wanted her family to hear it, and she knows that they did,” the source added. “She knows that the intended recipients heard this.”

“This is just a fraction of what she is going to say in her book. But, as she said, telling her story is the only way that she is going to heal from this, and she wants nothing more than to put this behind her and move on with her life and her career.

“She isn’t going to get that time back that was taken from her, but she does realize that she still has an entire life ahead of her,” the outlet shared.

Spears has a $15 million book deal with Simon & Schuster, which was signed in February this year, few months after she was set free of her 13-year legal binding.

The singer’s memoir was originally slated to be released in January 2023 but due to paper shortage the date has been pushed back as per TMZ.

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