BTS Jungkook’s fan crosses all limits on his birthday

BTS Jungkook’s fan went overboard on the idol’s birthday to show her love for the star on the American streets.

BTS’ “Golden Maknae” Jungkook just turned 25 and fans from around the world sent him gifts and warm wishes.

While all fans went beyond their capacities, one fan broke all limits and asked the idol to marry her in front of numerous people.

In the photos being circulated on social network sites, the girl is seen kneeling down in front of dozens of people, asking the cardboard Jungkook to marry her.

According to Koreaboo, the unknown die-hard fan was wearing light-colored pants, topped with a black T-shirt and a cap of the same color.

Her friends were also seen in the background, cheering for her and supporting her love for the idol while the passersby kept watching the show happening on the public street.

The fan was also supported by a musician who played the song “Dueño de ti” with his guitar in the background as seen in the video.

The video went viral as soon as the Tiktok user uploaded it to his account, receiving a lot of comments and likes.

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