In Photos: Here’s how Pakistanis celebrated BTS’ Jungkook’s birthday

Some unique ways in which BTS Jungkook’s birthday was celebrated in different cities across Pakistan

Jungkook  remains the most beloved member and  face of the very popular K-Pop boy band BTS. 

While every member of the group has their own fan base, Jungkook  has a massive ARMY around the globe who never leave him, especially on important days.

Jungkook turned 25 on September 1, and it was not surprising that all of his fans, including the ones in  Pakistan, celebrated his birthday in the most unique way.

Here are some snaps from Jungkook’s birthday celebrations across Pakistan:


According to the Dawn Images, unique posters were seen on public transportation, wishing the singer ‘Happy Jungkook Day.’


In honor of his birthday, a medical camp was arranged in Lahore which offered free-of-cost treatment and around 350 patients received a proper checkup, according to  some tweets from fans.


Landmarks in Bahawalpur lit up to celebrate the BTS star’s special day with videos streaming on the rooftops as soon as the clock chimed at 8 pm in Pakistan (which meant 12 am in Seoul).


With a similar video played as in Bahawalpur, the streets of Multan’s Gulgasht Colony filled up with 150 digital street post billboards and LED lights to wish Jungkook on his special day.

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