Johnny Depp ex Kate Moss launches her own beauty, lifestyle brand

Johnny Depp ex Kate Moss launches own beauty, lifestyle brand

Johnny Depp ex British supermodel Kate Moss has launched a website selling her own beauty and lifestyle products called Cosmoss, becoming the latest star to venture into branded e-commerce.

Moss follows celebrities such as US actress Gwyneth Paltrow who has forged a second career marketing wellness products on her Goop website.

With her sculpted cheek bones, grungy style and famous boyfriends including US actor Johnny Depp and British musician Pete Doherty, Moss epitomised the 1990s-era fashion scene and its hard-partying lifestyle.

But in an interview on BBC radio´s “Desert Island Discs” in July, Moss said that she now prefers trips to the garden centre and meditation to clubbing, and is “not into being out of control anymore”.

Vogue magazine reported that Moss, 48, spent two-and-a-half years developing the products for her new brand.

Moss recommends using the products in combination in “rituals” that “balance body and soul with the natural environment and the circadian cycles”.

In May, Moss testified at former boyfriend Depp´s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The model said that reports that Depp once threw her down a flight of stairs were untrue. (AFP)

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