Journalist accuses Meghan and Harry fans of attacking him

Journalist Richard Eden said he has received abuse from fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Without sharing the reason why he was attacked online, Eden wrote, “You wouldn’t believe the amount of abuse I’ve been receiving from fans of Prince Harry and Meghan this week. It seems to have hit record levels”.

Eden is known for his criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Multiple journalists and commentators recently criticized Meghan Markle after the first episode of her Spotify podcast was released.

Royal expert Marlene Koinig asked Eden to avoid from commenting on Meghan and Harry.

She wrote, “There’s a way to avoid that. Don’t write about them because they’re not living in the UK, focus on UK Royals, stories about the aristospeers getting into trouble or falling in love. I want to read more of that less about Meghan & Harry.”

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