Kim Kardashian branded ‘delusional’ for allegedly editing her photo

American TV personality and Socialite Kim Kardashian branded ‘delusional’ after being accused of editing out trapezius muscles to make neck look thinner.

The  reality star is once again at the centre of a photoshopping scandal, with fans now accusing her of editing. Unlike some of her editing fails in the past, Pete and Kanye’s ex girlfriend’s recent job would’ve easily gone unnoticed to the untrained eye.

The photo in question shared on Kim’s Instagram page shows her chilling by the pool and sipping on a cocktail. 

However, one person it didn’t fool is commercial photographer Caroline In The City, who shared a TikTok video demonstrating how Kim appears to have photoshopped her trapezius.

In the clip, she claims that Kim is ‘notorious’ for photoshopping out this muscle, saying: “Why? I don’t know, maybe it makes her neck look smaller.”

She then zooms in on the water in the background, which looks like it’s been warped, before using the Liquify tool to show how the image likely looked beforehand.

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