King Charles told to open ‘lines of communications’ with ‘threat’ Prince Harry

King Charles told to open ‘lines of communications’ with threat Prince Harry

King Charles is warned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can pose great problems for his Kingship.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, Kate Manzie admitted it would be a big mistake for Charles if he avoids the Sussex cry.

She began: “If he is a sensible man, Sussexes should be the first thing he looks at because if he does not, that could derail his whole reign.

“If you have got the Sussexes throwing bombs from California, it is going to be an issue. Open lines of communication might be a good way to start.

Ms Kate continued: “But from my knowledge of Charles, I think he will be more focused on the tasks in hand, like which country is he going to visit, getting to grip to his weekly audiences with the Prime Minister.

“For a smooth transition, it is wise to have smooth communication with Harry because we still got so many things to come. We got the book, we got Meghan’s podcast,” she concluded.

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