Meghan dominates Manchester ceremony while Harry flashes fake smile

Former Hollywood actress  Meghan Markle is fully asserting her dominance,   while Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry  is flashing a fake smile as he took the back seat  during their much-hyped charity tour to the UK and Germany.

Several royal commentators have shared their opinion on Meghan’s appearance and speech at the One Young World summit in Manchester. 

Some are claiming that the Duchess of Sussex stole the limelight, while Prince Harry took the back seat and appeared to be waiting for his wife’s instructions.

Lilibet and Archie’s  mother was completely rocking at the event and her vibrant  red dress was explaining how powerful and confident she considers herself.

Meanwhile, Dina’s younger son Prince was not fully there and he appeared to be confused and disturbed during Meghan’s speech at the Queen’s state.

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