Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘nuclear bombs’ take their toll on the ailing Queen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are seemingly giving new wounds to their royal relatives  instead of healing the old ones, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ relentless attacks take their toll on Queen Elizabeth

Lilbet and Archie’s parents, who are in Britain this week to attend charity events, making headlines with their new claims and allegations. 

A source spoke out to the Times in the wake of Meghan’s  interview with a US magazine The Cut: “It is hard to see how what they’re doing would equate to the values of the queen, who has never encouraged people to discuss deeply personal family relationships in public.” 

The 96-year-old monarch, a source who knows her well says, “doesn’t want to be on tenterhooks all the time, waiting to see what the next nuclear bomb will be—that will take its toll.”

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is reportedly “completely bewildered” by Harry’s behavior towards him.

Although Meghan’s camp disputed the much-discussed quote about Harry “losing” his father, Charles’s friends tell the outlet the jibes continue to be “painful” for him.

 It is all happening at a time when the Queen is advancing in age. The nation has a very respectful amount of care for her, her role having to be adapted to her current health needs.

Meghan Markle and and Prince Harry  are not ready to shun the limelight as they are capturing more and more attention with their moves.

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