Meghan Markle ‘moaning’ about being married to Prince Harry

Meghan Markle  has been accused of incessantly ‘moaning’ and ‘whining’ about her life after marrying Prince Harry by commentator Tina Lowe.

Writing for The Washington Examiner, Lowe slammed Meghan in light of her recent interview with The Cut, filled with more alleged digs at the royal family, and her Spotify podcast Archetypes.

Lowe said: “For someone who incessantly complains about being silenced, Meghan Markle never seems to shut up.”

She further wrote: “The B-list actress formerly known as the Duchess of Sussex has officially spent more time whining about her royal in-laws than she actually spent as a working royal — fewer than two years, including an extended maternity vacation.”

“Now, she is in The Cut moaning about her horrible life as a Hollywood trophy wife to a literal prince,” Lowe added. 

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