Meghan Markle won’t let Prince Harry ruin her plan: report

Meghan Merkle, who is reportedly helping her husband  write his memoir, wants Prince Harry to publish his bombshell this winter.

The   much-anticipated book of the Duke of Sussex was meant to be published in October but has reportedly been delayed.

Royal expert Angela Levin has claimed that if the Duke of Sussex does not publish it, his wife Meghan will be ‘furious’ at him, since she is helping him throughout the process.

“It seems they were to launch it in October. He had a very well-known ghostwriter for it because obviously, he can’t do it – it is not a skill he has. But I think he is very worried, he is in the middle of two very different positions,” the royal biographer told GB News.

The author added: “One is, if it does come out and it slags off his parents and the Queen and the Royal Family in the UK again, I think he is going to be in trouble because we have all heard more than enough about what a terrible time he has – which is not always true.”

Levin went on saying: “But if he doesn’t write it, Meghan will be furious because she has been helping him write it, not a surprise there. And he risks with his family. They need the family to earn money commercially, which they said when they never do in 2020. It is a difficult spot for him to be in. He might take out some of the really nasty bits. That’s what I think he will do in the end.

Harry’s book  is likely to hit shelves later this year, and so far there has been little inclination as to what it will contain, apart from the Duke’s assurances that it will be “wholly truthful”.

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