Mosquito nets urgently needed for flood victims | The Express Tribune


People in flood-hit areas are in dire need of mosquito nets to protect themselves and their families from dengue, malaria and other waterborne diseases. The number of infections is rising daily as the people are spending their nights without adequate shelter.

The recent flood not only destroyed a large number of houses, but also deprived people of cattle, crops and livelihoods. After the destruction of their houses, families resorted to living on roads, though some were relocated to flood relief camps set up by the local governments.

However, homelessness is not the only threat these people face. Flood victims were already at risk from different diseases, despite the government and private NGOs setting up various free medical camps. People are in dire need of preventive measures, to protect themselves and their families from waterborne diseases.

Talking to the media on Sunday, Multan Children Complex Deputy Medical Superintendent (DMS) Dr Mazhar Shah said that the humid and hot weather is conducive to these diseases thriving, which threatens people living adjacent to flood-hit areas. Keeping in view the expected threat of dengue and malaria, flood victims must be given mosquito nets as a preventative measure against dengue.

Dr Shah appealed to the government, NGOs and local philanthropists to donate mosquito nets as a preventative measure against dengue and malaria. He added that a large number of camps were set up in the city to collect donations for flood victims and urged volunteers to mobilise people to donate mosquito nets.


Published in The Express Tribune, September 5th, 2022.

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