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The Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC), while expediting the process of registration and inspection, has issued regular licences to five more hospitals.

The newly registered hospitals include Ziauddin Hospital, Clifton and North Nazimabad, Memon Medical Institute Hospital, Bahria Town Hospital and Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi.

Meanwhile, 97 more medical centres have submitted applications for registration to the commission while registration certificates have been issued to 104 hospitals during the months of July and August. Similarly, provisional licences were issued to 18 more medical centres.

The commission also inspected medical centres in different cities during the last two months. The inspection teams, during their visits inspected 535 clinics across the province and sealed 60 centres on the spot while warnings were issued to 215 others.

During the inspection process, 178 clinics were found in compliance with the rules set by the commission. Meanwhile, 82 clinics were sealed again.

The commission slapped fines of more than Rs200,000 on fake medical practitioners. Around 80% of the total fines imposed have been recovered by the commission.

The commission received six complaints regarding hospitals and clinics during the months of July and August. The commission inspected these six hospitals and clinics to redress the complaints and disciplinary action against these medical centres is expected soon.

The commission also organised a training session for the capacity building of medical professionals in which 27 Homeopathic clinics participated.

While in the second phase of the training session, 66 general practitioners of Karachi Division and staff of 22 hospitals participated.

The SHCC team is also setting standards for telemedicine, radiology and dental practice. The team held a meeting with the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority to discuss setting radiology standards.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 4th, 2022.

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