German couple takes rooster to court for crowing too much

A red black and brown rooster. Photo: Unsplash
  • Couple takes chicken to court as it squawks up to 200 times a day.
  • Their lawyer says “cockerel does not belong on quiet housing estate.”
  • Rooster crows at intensity of 80 decibels which is same as heavy street traffic.

A couple in Germany was so fed up with the neighbour’s chicken that they decided to take the owner to court for making their life “torture”, Metro News reported.

Friedrich-Wilhelm K, 76, and his wife Jutta said that the chicken squawks up to 200 times a day. 

The chicken called Magda is locked up all night, said Friedrich but then crows all day long.

He said that the sound was “unbearable”, forcing people to keep their windows shut. He claimed that they could not even use their garden.

The neighbour, who is the owner of the rooster, however, does not want to give up on his beloved rooster.

“Therefore, we have to either live with that, or we have to win in court.”

Jutta said that it was hard to describe the torture.

The couple now take a daily log of the noise to record evidence for their case.

The duo even claimed that one of the other neighbours left the vicinity because of the noise.

Their lawyer said: “A cockerel does not belong on a quiet housing estate.”

This is because the rooster crows at an intensity of 80 decibels which is the same as heavy street traffic.

Reportedly, the case will be heard soon.

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