My grandmother’s version of sambar is my go-to dish for all seasons: Shruti Haasan – Times of India

The need for cooking was born out of compulsion for Shruti Haasan, but over time, it became one of the most gratifying activities for the actress. “I love having people over and preparinga meal for them, it gives me great joy,” she says.

And what’s her go-to dish that she can rustle up with ease, we ask. Pat comes the reply: “
Sambar”. And it’s not just any
sambar, but a dish that holds a very special place in Shruti’s heart. “We call it the Rajalakshmi
sambar. It’s my paternal grandmother, Shruti Rajalakshmi’s recipe. I’m named after her and although I never met her, cooking her
sambar is how I stay connected to her,” says Shruti.

‘My aunt taught me how to make my grandma’s sambar over video call’

Taking us through how she learnt her grandmother’s recipe, the actress shares, “My need for cooking arose when I went to the US to pursue my master’s degree. I was missing home food, so I ordered a $20
idli and it was just sad. So, I called up my aunt (father’s elder sister) and told her I wanted to cook. That’s when she gave me my grandma’s recipe and taught me how to make it over video call. Over the years, it’s become my go-to dish,” reveals Shruti, adding. “I don’t want to give away the recipe, but it’s thicker than the regular

‘I hope to make this dish for my father someday’

While Shruti’s friends and partner Santanu love her version of Rajalakshmi
sambar, there’s one person for whom she hasn’t cooked the dish yet. “I haven’t found the courage to make the dish for my father yet. He lost his mother at a very young age, but there’s not a single day that goes by when he doesn’t talk about her cooking. No matter how well I make the dish, in his eyes, it won’t live up to his mother’s cooking. Maybe one day I will,” she adds with a smile.

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