Siddiqui appeals to CM Shah to support Zaheer Abbas | The Express Tribune

Actor Adnan Siddiqui recently overheard Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah voicing his concern for an actor. Impressed by the CM’s words, the Dum Mastam actor thought of another person who could also benefit from it.

Bringing up the case of former cricketer Zaheer Abbas who has raised Pakistan’s flag high nationally and internationally, Siddiqui asked Shah to provide aid as a “moral obligation towards our hero”.

On Wednesday, the Mere Paas Tum Ho actor took to Instagram and shared an old photo of Abbas on the field and a more recent one, side-by-side.

“This is a fervent appeal to the Chief Minister of Sindh, Mr Syed Murad Ali Shah, whom I overheard telling someone to help an actor who’s going through financial trouble, at the Islamabad airport. Sir, my apology for inadvertently listening in on you but your concern for the industry really touched me. I request you to extend the same magnanimity to our cricketer Zaheer Abbas who is battling with pneumonia, kidney failure and liver malfunction at Hammersmith Hospital, UK for the last 2.5 months,” the caption read.

Shedding light on the sportsman’s long list of achievements over the successful stretch of his career, Siddiqui added, “It is painful to see that a player who brought global recognition to the country, famously addressed as Bradman of Asia, has been awarded the prestigious Pride of Pakistan and is a cross-generational inspiration, has not received any support from his home country.”

Siddiqui further emphasised that his “red passport” shouldn’t absolve him of any deserving help he needs. “I am sure the NHS must be providing necessary aid, him being a red passport holder. That, however, doesn’t absolve us from the responsibility of extending help. It is a moral obligation towards our hero,” he concluded.

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