Stella McCartney launches sustainable skincare line

Stella McCartney is continuing to champion the environment with her newest venture, a sustainable and refillable skincare range.

STELLA by Stella McCartney, which launches on Thursday 1 September, comprises of just three products that focus on “long-term vitality over short-term results”.

The iconic designer says her new cleanser, serum and cream are made from at least 99 per cent all-natural ingredients, and they are cruelty-free and vegan.

The range boasts key ingredients such as algae extract, birch sap, lingonberry extract and rock samphire. According to McCartney, these “support skin’s regeneration and protection functions”.

McCartney, who regularly campaigns for climate action and became the first designer to make clothes from mushroom leather in March 2021, ensured her products are packaged in recycled glass and recycled plastic to reduce waste.

Speaking to Forbes ahead of the launch, the 50-year-old designer said she first launched a skincare range in 2006, but “it was almost too ahead of its time”.

“It had to be pulled due to regulatory challenges in the US with the organic labelling, which was pretty heartbreaking at the time,” she explained.

“Since then, I’ve always wanted to re-enter the world of beauty. When I started this project a few years ago, I knew change in the industry was needed – it was my hope to create an alternative luxury skincare range that I couldn’t find in the marketplace.”

The use of recycled materials in the packaging and making sure her products are refillable was a particularly important goal for the designer.

STELLA allows customers to buy “super-light and soft refills that are obtained from certified renewable sources and are recyclable” to reduce the brand’s impact on the environment.

McCartney said: “If you refill once, you lower your impact on climate change by a third, if you refill twice it’s by half and you can also use the refill on its own, reducing the impact by two-thirds.”

The products also feature a custom-made High Cliff scent by French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, which was “inspired by the scent of Scotland in April”, according to the designer. She added that the fragrance uses 89.6 per cent natural-origin ingredients and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive types.

Prices range from £38 to £90, and can be purchased through the Stella McCartney website or through SpaceNK from mid-September.

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