Video of man playing with crocodile before feeding it goes viral

The picture shows man feeding a crocodile. — Twitter screengrab/@TheFigen

A video of a man feeding and petting a crocodile has been going viral on Twitter.

In the video, the man could be seen sitting on the edge of a boat, while a crocodile swims up to him. 

Before dropping some food in the animal’s mouth, the man playfully teases it while holding it between his legs.

The video was posted on Twitter on August 2, accompanied by the caption: “What type of pet is that bro?” 

The video has accumulated over four million views and 30 thousand likes.

The post was met with mixed reactions.

Some users expressed their disapproval of the behaviour by commenting, “That’s not terribly bright.”

Other users replied using humour: “Looking like that dude’s going to need prosthetic limbs at some point.” 

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